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Software goes all out
Article taken from "Automazione Industriale", issue 106 - April 2003

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The magazine cover is dedicated to MainteX

The cover of this issue puts the spotlight on MainteX, Automa's highly successful preventive maintenance management software that today, more than ever, is designed to satisfy market needs.

by the Automa srl Technical Department

MainteX can control an entire plant in a simple and very efficient manner. The serviceman can program his specific jobs, develop a theoretical maintenance plan (planning), write up a final document about programmed and unscheduled operations, keep costs under control and produce a historical record of the information regarding the operations carried out.
Organised into sheets that can be managed independently, MainteX is simple to use and an important tool for achieving all the typical technical, organisational and economic maintenance objectives, including:
  • reducing machine down time, monitoring all equipment and optimising warehouse stocks
  • better job management and guaranteed safety for personnel
  • reducing maintenance costs, better economic control and reducing deviations from the budget thanks to activity historical record filing

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To make integration easier, the software uses Microsoft ADO technology to access standard databases and, to satisfy the needs of the international marketplace, it's also available in various languages, including Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

What's the catch phrase? EASY AS 1, 2, 3!
To purchase MainteX, just go to our website and from the freedownload section download the installation program. Equipped with software protection, the system will become operational only after the user enters an activation code. Depending on the licence, the product will operate in either the STANDARD or the EXPRESS version.
The activation codes can be requested from the company by completing and sending in the registration sheet that appears when the application is run, or directly through a web purchase.
Once installed, the product will run in the Demo mode, without having to enter the activation codes, giving all users a chance to test the maintenance system before purchasing the licence. The only difference between this and the MainteX STANDARD and EXPRESS versions is the restriction on the maximum number of maintenance sheets (three) and a limit on the number of operations. Instead, all other functions are the same.
The MainteX e-commerce site architecture is simple and functional so that it's as easy as possible to obtain the information needed for a general but still very precise overview of the automation system's features and functions.
To eliminate any doubts and to answer all questions about its operating functions, the software was also equipped with a very useful and extremely user-friendly on-line help wizard.

Today and Tomorrow
To make MainteX even more flexible and to satisfy different market needs, Automa has been working closely with Intrè, a company with extensive experience in the software development sector for the industrial world. Such joint efforts have made it possible to diversify the product and offer two versions.
The STANDARD version is designed for anyone who has to manage a complex plant or system and, therefore, needs an unlimited number of maintenance elements and sheets. It is supplied with a licence for one PC and includes Dolphin, a software product designed by Automa to help developers of EPS/MES (Enterprise Production System) Windows applications.

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To satisfy the numerous requests of those who manage less complicated plants or who have to choose among various maintenance systems and thus want to limit their investment during the evaluation phase, Automa also offers the compact MainteX EXPRESS package, with 100 elements and 50 sheets.
The two versions are merely the initial outcome of Automa's strategic efforts: after having proposed a reliable and innovative product, the company developed two types of MainteX to satisfy various requests. The long-term objective is to develop two additional versions and to extend the VAR network in order to integrate software with the managerial level to complete the line of products and create ad hoc proposals for all types of customers.

An unbeatable combination
In 2000, to develop a winning strategy to satisfy servicemen needs, Automa, a leading company in the industrial automation sector, began seeking a partner specialised in software product development that could work constantly on MainteX to make it increasingly appealing and competitive.
The extensive search came to an end in the early part of 2001 when Automa began working with Intrè. Thanks to the expertise of its highly skilled and close-knit team of professionals, this thriving and dynamic company successfully develops and manages software products designed to solve the problems of the industrial world.

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The two companies immediately began operating on the same wavelength thanks to the synergies resulting from the shared specific know-how of each firm and the comprehensive cooperation-based relationship. In fact, the project team consists of extremely flexible people who are open to change and willing to acquire new skills.
Thanks to these joint efforts, Automa today offers MainteX in two versions (Standard and Express) and sells its software through the Internet on Intrè's TAcTIS platform.
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