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From rubber to sheet metal
Article taken from "Automazione Industriale", issue 105 - March 2003

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Tyre building and sheet metal processing are two different sectors in which ASIRobicon has been active force for many years, proposing global automation solutions.

By Alice Alinari

The ASIRobicon company, based on its more than forty years of experience in the motorcycle, car and industrial vehicle tyre production sector, supplies global automation for tyre building operations: from mixers to prepare compounds, semi-finished production lines and building machines to auxiliary machinery. Many different and complete construction versions and numerous automation architectures are available.
ASIRobicon has been making important contributions to the MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotized System) mini-factory project ever since it began and is actively involved in supplying automation and commissioning in Europe (England and Germany) and in new industrial sites in the state of Georgia (USA).
In the sheet metal working and treatment sector, ASIRobicon has acquired extensive experience from numerous applications. These include:
  • Longitudinal (strips) and cross (sheets) metal cutting operations)
  • Sheet metal flattening and tensioning
  • Sheet metal profiling
  • Sheet metal profiling for pipe production
  • Sheet metal treatment (cleaning, greasing, powder and liquid and cataphoresis painting)

For each of these applications the company supplies automation for complete lines or single machines, and everything is offered as "turn-key" projects.
Automation includes control of main DC or AC motors, machine movement management and line supervision.
The main components of the system include:
  • DC or AC drives (SPDM-SVGT-SVTL)
  • Automation PLC
  • Supervision
  • PLC and supervision software

The drives are network-linked to the automation PLC to ensure total operational control. With AC drives, a DC-BUS common power supply with unidirectional or reversible operation (SPDM, SPDRM, AFE) can be furnished. Machines are automated using the market's most widely available programmable logic.
Supervision can be developed at various levels, from the simplest, with alphanumeric panels for rapid diagnostics, to the most complete, with Personal Computers to control normal drive operation, machine functions and production. The supervision programs can be developed on RS-View and Super-Flash.
ASIRobicon has specialised experience in customised cutting applications (flying cut), for which the first control was built back in the early Eighties. Presently, the company supplies a microprocessor-based digital control that, connected to the programmable logic through the Profibus-DP network and to the PC, receives production data and generates the drive speed reference (SPDM or SVGT).
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