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X-SMSX-SMS is a SCADA application which allows management of sending and receiving SMS from a PC. It operates in connection with a GSM modem.

It can be edited and customized through Super-Flash, a Development system for making industrial supervision and human-machine interface applications.

X-SMS is provided with USB PenDisk protection key . No need to install: simply insert it in a PC which has a GSM Modem either connected directly or via Ethernet.


For further information about X-SMS, you can download the Product Brochure.
The advantages of X-SMS
X-SMS management from PenDisk of SMS Sending and Receiving through a GSM Modem-equipped PC.
It is possible to purchase X-SMS in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of X-SMS 1.0
X-SMS is a SCADA application which allows management of sending and receiving SMS from a PC.
  • Recording and Display of Received and Sent SMS
  • Reply/Forward Commands
  • Phone Book Management
  • Storing of predefined and macro messages for their fast management
  • Recording of executed operation
  • Messages Export in CSV file format
  • Standard AT Commands Management
  • Connection to remote control system which base their operation on SMS
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Customizable with SUPER-FLASH
  • Multilingual (Italian - English - French)
  • Standard PC with USB ports, local or remote RS232 serial port, graphic card resolution 640x480 x 16M colors
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • GSM Modem
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD, contains:
  1. Product X-SMS 1.0
For more information please contact our sales staff directly on +39 or via e-mail at sales@automa.it.
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