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Super-Flash is a Development system for making industrial supervision (SCADA) and human-machine interfaces (HMI) applications.

The applications made using Super-Flash can be limited to monitoring the status of a plant or a machine, or it can go as far as including supervision and control functions, with the aim of "managing" production by means of a PC.

The following options are available for the product evaluation:
  • Super-Flash Runtime, complete and free version of the development system usable to make applications and downloadable from the FreeDownload section at the following link
  • "StartSF" and "Trend" demonstration applications, downloadable at the following link

The "StartSF" and "Trend" demonstration applications are useful both for those who have never used Super-Flash and want to understand its functions, and for those who already use the product and want to check, by looking at the sources, how the various functions have been used. To view the demonstrative applications it is not necessary to download the development system as well.
They are easy to download from the FreeDownload section at this link, free and easy to try.

For further information on the software and on the other products in the Supervisione Libera line, the Brochure (lnformative Leaflet) can be downloaded.

Image 1: screen of a SCADA HMI application developed with Super-Flash
The advantages of Super-Flash
Thanks to the WRunfile engine, the Super-Flash applications can count on a high level of safety and operating continuity.
Super-Flash maintains its compatibility over time. It is always possible to update an application from an old to a new version without any problems.
Thanks to the Runtime sales formula, Super-Flash can be downloaded free of charge, directly from this site in the FreeDownload section.
Super-Flash is user-friendly even for those who do not know any programming languages.
Super-Flash is versatile and suitable for creating applications for most industrial sectors and for highly specific spheres, such as home automation, building automation, infrastructures and services.
Thanks to MicroC, the ingenious C language compiler included in the supervisor package, the already numerous potentials of Super-Flash go even further.
The Super-Flash sales proposal
Automa proposes two complementary sales formulas for its SCADA HMI package: Runtime and Royalty-Free.

Development System licence
Application licence
Super-Flash Runtime
at zero cost
on payment
Super-Flash Royalty-Free
on payment
at zero cost

With Super-Flash Runtime, the development system is completely free of charge: you only buy the Runtime licences whose cost depends on the size, i.e. on the maximum number of variables and alarms. The product can be downloaded directly from this site on the FreeDownload page and you can start to use it. A Runtime licence, free of charge, will allow you to launch the application made in order to check its operation, for a maximum time of 15 minutes. Following its development, to be able to install the application at the end customer's premises, it will be necessary to purchase a Runtime licence represented by a hardware or software key, sized (number of variables and alarms) according to needs.
The MicroC Runtime compiler is included in the supply.

The Runtime licences are provided with a protection device to be chosen among:
  • Software Activation Code (SAC)
  • USB key

With Super-Flash Royalty-Free you purchase a development system and there are no Royalties on individual applications. This choice foresees purchasing true "producer goods". The investment must be spread over a certain number of applications. Those who choose the Royalty-Free formula purchase a specific version of the development system. It is possible to subscribe to an annual updating service which allows the customer to ensure they get the new versions issued by Automa. The Super-Flash Royalty-Frdee licences also include MicroC, the C language compiler, which extends the potential of the Development system by 360°, and they are supplied with different costs depending on the size, i.e. on the maximum number of variables and alarms which can be managed.

The licences are provided with a USB protection device.

For further sales information about Super-Flash and other Automa products, please ask for the Price List from: sales@automa.it.
Super-Flash 4.6 SP1 HF2 - Technical characteristics
Super-Flash is a guided environment for making human-machine interface (HMI) and supervision (SCADA) applications. It is fitted with a rich set of communication Drivers, which allow dialogue with the peripherals towards the field (PLC, regulators, CNC, etc.). It also offers the possibility of integrating your own application inside the company information system, thanks to its ability to effectively exchange information with the databases, dealing with all aspects of communication: connection (with the SmartDB product), synchronisation (with the Event Management module integrated in Super-Flash) and data structuring to find the information the customer wants and make it available (for example with WAM, a web application for displaying the historical and real time alarms).
  1. Multi-platform: the applications run in Windows XP, Windows XP/E, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit/64-bit and Windows 10 32-bit/64-bit
  2. Multilingual: the development system is available in Italian, English and German, whereas the applications can be managed using 50 different dictionaries with the possibility of changing the runtime language and UNICODE support
  3. Rich in Drivers: it is provided with a very large number of communication drivers
  4. Open-ended: it can easily be integrated both towards the field and towards the company information systems
  5. Estendibile: with MicroC, the product application possibilities open up at 360 degrees
  6. Complete: it manages alarms, trends and recipes
  7. Large capacity: 30,000 Variables, 30,000 Alarms, 10,000 graphic pages, etc..
  1. Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3 with Internet Explorer 7
  2. Processor: Pentium 4 \ Athlon
  3. System memory: 2 Gbyte
  4. Space required on disk: 100 Mbyte
  5. Graphic card resolution: 1.024X768 - 64k colours
  6. Ports: USB
  7. Other Peripherals: CD-ROM
Product contents
The package provided, available on CD or downloadable from the Automa site, contains:
  1. DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM: Super-Flash 4.6 SP1 HF2 in Italian, English and German
  2. COMPILER: MicroC with technical Manual MicroC 2.5 in Italian and technical Manual MicroC 1.6 in English
  3. DEMO: demonstration applications
  4. DOCUMENTATION: "Introductory Guide" and "Information Brochure" in Italian and English, "What's new" and "Bugs fixed" in Italian, first draft of the "Super-Flash Manuals - May 2004" in Italian, Super-Flash 3.2 Manuals in English
  5. PROGRAMMES AND MicroC DRIVER: some programmes and communication drivers developed using the MicroC compiler
  6. LINK DRIVER: a collection of Runtime version Link Drivers (i.e. DLL drivers) currently available
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