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AirGriDaCo: low cost data collection and plug and play
WD-Z2/PRO represents an innovative Patlite system, capable of transforming a simple light signalling tower into Light signalling tower a low-cost source of useful data for managing machine and plant efficiency.

AirGriDaCo v.2.3 is the software that Automa has prepared to support the distribution, exclusively in Italy, of WD-PRO products by PATLITE (www.patlite.it). See promo video WD Series.

AirGriDaCo is a Windows desktop application, it is easy to install and very easy to configure. It allows you to give a name to each tower and each light, to make self-explanatory the history of events. The product is available with Server License and Viewer License for distributed information panels. For more information about AirGriDaCo, you can download the product: AUTOMA_Brochure e PATLITE_Brochure.

The AirGriDaCo software, developed by Automa, is a package that offers some basic features:
  • Graphic display of the plant layout (Fig. 1)
  • Display of the realtime status of the tower lights (Fig. 2)
  • Label display of each Receiver, tower and lights
  • Display of communication quality between towers and receiver
  • Automatic detection of Receiver disconnection
  • Automatic purge of history, configurable depth
  • Automatic sending of notifications via e-mail diversified by light
  • Automatic adjustment of the layout to the size of the license
  • Automatic tower affiliation
  • Disk recording of all changes in light status
  • Export historical data to a CSV file, Excel compatible
  • Configuration, Password protected, of:
    • Name of each tower
    • Name of each light of each tower
    • Name of the status of each light in each tower (ON, OFF, BLINK)
  • Publication of historical data on local or remote database
  • Event occurrences and durations export to CSV file, Excel compatible
  • Management of 5 lights with three states (ON, OFF, BLINK)
  • Real-time display of occurrences and durations (Fig. 3)
  • Management of PRO towers INPUT and RS232 data
  • Management of OEE calculation and display of each tower
  • Automatic detection of switched off towers

Figure 1
Fig. 1: System layout

Figure 2
Fig. 2: Graphic page of realtime display
Figure 3
Fig. 3: Real-time display of occurrences and durations

The light towers are widely used in production departments: they perform an essential function of light and sound signalling to the operators of machines and lines.
With WD-Z2 and WD-PRO the same signals can be collected in order to concentrate them on monitors to help the same operators and to create useful histories for efficiency and time and cost analysis. Such data are often only available in much more expensive systems.
For more information on the AirGriDaCo products, please contact our sales staff directly at +39 or via e-mail at sales@automa.it.
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