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Based on what was said in the beginning, today more than ever Automa considers it absolutely strategic to develop the monitoring and remote control section with the future in mind, because this will be the natural support on which to build a versatile business.
And all to the advantage, for example, of the large distributor Companies of services of the calibre of Enel, Telecom and so on: regarding this, there are already cases in point, such as the BAS company in Bergamo which, having a distributed structure of optic fibre cabling for the city, which serves their own gas distribution plants, is now able to offer its cables to third parties for data transmission services.
The keystone of the radical change in Monitoring and Remote Control functions does, in fact, lie in modifying the system philosophy: one no longer speaks of management of data coming from a separate modem and aimed at "local" control of the plant, but of the fact (far more strategic) that the incoming data are processed in order to be integrated in real time in a general business model, a model which will see to using these data according to a "multi-service" function: in this spirit, Automa is able to offer the "multi-utility" companies specific products for structural, environmental and safety monitoring (namely anti-burglar systems, fire fighting systems and so on) closely correlated to production and to the specific automation component (either industrial or not).

The products currently available are:

AitGriDaCo AirGriDaCo - Software for data collection systems from signal towers
Argo Argo - Control of emissions into the atmosphere
Spylog Spylog - Monitoring analogue values conforming to the 21 CFR part 11 regulations

To obtain information on these products, please either contact Automa directly (telephone +39, sales@automa.it) or the area distributor.
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