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Super-Flash: SCADA on the front cover
Article taken from "Vetrina Scada/MES" " Automazione Oggi" supplement, issue 252 - November 2002

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The magazine cover is dedicated to Automa

Article taken from Automa Archives for the front cover of "Vetrina Scada/MES", Automazione Oggi Supplement.

By Elena Bertillo

For anyone wanting to know what's available in development systems for industrial supervision in Italy, don't bother searching the web: just look at the "Vetrina SCADA/MES" supplement in November's Automazione Oggi.
This pocket guide gives a brief but detailed summary of all the products developed by companies working in this field, allowing you to compare offers. It also indicates "the 7 virtues of the ideal SCADA", i.e. the most important qualities that a supervisor should have to be competitive.
The best development system should:
  • have software and hardware architecture based on open and documented standards
  • be versatile in integrating new and current systems
  • only use non-owned equipment
  • be reliable and easy to maintain
  • be able to work with well-known, well-established and new technology
  • be installed without significantly interrupting plants or production
  • be supported by a company that can form partnerships and open supplier/customer collaboration

Super-Flash, Automa's development system for industrial supervision, is the only one which has all the above characteristics as well as being absolutely FREE. In fact the Runtime version, which is on the guide's front cover, allows you to start using the software by downloading it for free from Automa's website under Freedownload, where you can also find future upgrades.
This free version is not a demo but a complete development system.
This means that you can develop applications for end-users cost-free and purchase hardware keys to run these applications later on, depending on their size.
There will therefore be four different purchasing options depending on how many variables and alarms you need.
Automa's development system is also available in the other Royalty-Free version, which entails an initial investment but no further expense.
After purchasing the development system, you can develop as many applications as you like for free, in the sizes that you need. Super-Flash 3.6 is available in both versions and has a brand-new graphic editor completely integrated in Windows, so that you can create applications even more simply and quickly.
The product also offers free services: a series of presentations in 2003 will be illustrating all the features of the development system and its two versions; as well as free technical support every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5.30pm.
The "Getting Started" manual will soon be out to help you create your first applications.
Super-Flash really is a front cover development system!
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