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Supervisione Libera
Supervisione Libera
Supervisione LiberaThe line of products called Supervisione Libera came about in order to group a series of software tools together in a harmonious way, and is aimed at companies dealing with industrial automation.
Supervisione Libera
is a complete range of products and services for simplifying the making of supervision applications (SCADA) and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Apart from Super-Flash, the Supervisione Libera line also includes numerous other optional products.
Super-Flash is proposed in two complementary commercial formulas, Runtime and Royalty-Free:

It is possible to download the development system immediately and at no cost from the Free download section. The hardware and software keys, needed to make the applications work differ according to the number of variables and alarms, can be purchased at a later date
You purchase the development system and there are no licence costs on the applications made

Having two complementary methods available allows customers to evacuate which of the two solutions best suits the requirements of their own reference market.

The Supervisione Libera line
Supply of the products can be made via courier or via e-mail, depending on the type of Licence and protection.

For the Super-Flash product, and for both the sales formulas (Runtime and Royalty-Free), the supply includes:
  • SFW (Italian, English and German)
  • MicroC
  • WRunfile
  • Dial, TFS, DBF, Real, Trendout

Only with the Royalty-Free formula, and for all the sizes available, the supply includes the Royalty-Free version of Super-Flash OPC CLient .

The software supplied is covered by a 24-month guarantee, during which the following will be replaced free of charge: damaged storage supports and hardware protection devices.
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Products and Drivers
Products and Drivers
The simple and reliable development system for guided creation of HMI and SCADA applications.
The powerful C language compiler which allows the potential of Super-Flash to be extended thanks to a large library with more than 500 functions.
The product studied for protection of applications made using Super-Flash ROYALTY-FREE.
M-Box is a product allowing e-mails to be sent from a application Super-Flash by interfacing with a market mail server.
Modbus TCP/IP is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to interface, as the master, with peripherals which implement the slave side of the "MODBUS RTU" and "MODBUS on TCP/IP" protocols..
Modbus32 is a MicroC driver which allows a Super-Flash application to manage reading and writing of the 32 bit resources of the "Unidrive SP" peripherals of Control Techniques.
S7-HMI Adapter is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to be connected with the SIEMENS S7 300/400 PLC on an MPI Port through the SIMATIC S7 HMI Adapter.
SendSMS is a MicroC driver which allows a Super-Flash application to send SMSs (Short Message Service) by means of a GSM modem (Global System for Mobile communication).
SFABXETH is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to manage comunication with one or more Allen Bradley Logix5000 Controllers PLCs using Logix5000 electronic messages over Ethernet/IP for access to the Tags (Bool, Sint, Int, Dint and Real).
SFBERPVI is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to manage comunication with B&R Controller via PVI Interface.
SFFTP (Super-Flash File Transfer Protocol) is a Link Driver which allows a Super-Flash application to transfer files using the FTP protocol over TCP.
SFMODTCP is a DLL driver (Link Driver) which implements a MODBUS TCP/IP server for reading and writing the variables of a Super-Flash application.
SFNetLink is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to communicate in MPI and Profibus with the Siemens S7 300/400 PLC by means of the Hilscher Ethernet NetLink gateway.
SFOMETH is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to interface with OMRON PLCs through Industrial Ethernet protocol.
SFSBUSDM is a DLL driver which allows a Super-Flash application to allow management of communication with a SAIA PLC network on Ethernet as well.
SFSIEETH is a DLL driver allowing a Super-Flash application to interface with Siemens and VIPA PLCs through Industrial Ethernet protocol.
SFX-Mail is a DLL driver for sending e-mails.
The SmartDB product allows a Super-Flash application to access a database to write and read data. One of the major strong points of the product is its ability to exchange information with most of the databases on the market, as it implements the ODBC standard and the Microsoft OLE DB technology, and allows execution of SQL commands.
Super-Flash OPC CLient is a driver which allows connection of Super-Flash applications for Windows to peripherals which provide an OPC server conforming to the 2.0 Data Access specifications. The technology OPC (OLE for Process Control) is very widespread proprietary technology, based on Microsoft technologies, which allows applications and peripherals to be put in connection with each other.
Super-Flash OPC UAC is a communication driver that allows the connection of Super-Flash WRunfile with OPC UA servers.
By means of the DLL driver technology, the Twindrv driver allows high speed communication between a Super-Flash application and the Beckhoff Twincat Soft PLC, managing resources of byte, word and double word type.
WAM, web application available at the address: www.sfwam.it, is capable of displaying real time and historical alarms, taken directly from the field. The WAM interface has been designed to be displayed efficiently on devices such as PDA, Pocket PC and UMTS telephones as well, connected to the network in Wi-Fi mode. WAM is open software, delivered with the ASP sources and with a licence Royalty-Free licence. It is fully customisable, for example with information on production, on re-traceability of lots, on scheduling, etc.
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Software updates
For the owners of a Royalty-Free licence, a continual software updating method is available: by stipulating an annual service contract, the uses acquires the right to receive all the updates made in the year covered by the service. For the owners of a RUNTIME licence the updates are always available free of charge and can be downloaded from the site.
Editorial articles
Service for writing and publishing articles on customers' plants, systems and applications.
Telephone Assistance
Automa supports the user's work through its telephone assistance service, ensuring rapid and competent answers. This service is divided into two types: free and on payment.
The service is provided by the same people who developed Super-Flash, with methods of access to it defined on the basis of type. An operator answers the telephone immediately, without any numerical number filter.
Access to the service on payment is regulated by a specific contract which can last from 1 month up to 12 months, according to the customer's needs .
These allow you to keep up to date on new things regarding the company and its products.
Theft and loss guarantee
In cases of theft or loss of the protection device of its products, Automa has thought up a specific "guarantee against theft/loss" service, by stipulating an annual contract, which covers reintegration, with just the costs of replacement of the stolen or lost device. If the device is found again, it must be delivered to Automa.
This service is reserved for purchase of Royalty-Free licences. By means of a specialised financial institute, Automa offers the possibility of dividing the purchase amount of one or more Royalty-Free licences, over 12, 24 or 48 months. Financing is possible after approval from the company providing the credito.
With the training provided by Automa, the user can make the learning stage easier and quicker and can consolidate it. Apart from a standard training course, Automa also organises "ad hoc" courses, in response to a specific training need. The service is provided by the developers of Super-Flash themselves.
With this service, the user can temporarily hire another hardware key, i.e. a licence for the Royalty-Free Development system.
So that the potentials of the products in this line can be evaluated, Automa organises customised or collective presentations.
Automa has set up a rapid repair or replacement service for cases of faults in the protection devices of its products.
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