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Supervisione LiberaM-Box is a product which allows e-mails to be sent from a Super-Flash application. It consists of two complementary modules: C-MailBox and MailBox.

The C-MailBox customer module is a MicroC driver which integrates in a Super-Flash application to send the data needed to compose an e-mail (address of the sender and of the receiver, subject and text of the message) to MailBox by means of Automa's SSMTP protocol.

The MailBox module is a Windows application, with a minimal interface which carried out the server function as it receives the information needed to compose a message from the Clients. In turn, MailBox is client towards the mail servers; it sends and received e-mails by means of the SMTP and POP3 protocols.


For further information about M-Box, you can download the Product Profile.
The advantages of M-Box
Thanks to M-Box, a plant managed with Super-Flash is able to send e-mails on its state of operation, for supervision applications which operate in DOS environment as well.
M-Box was born to simplify the operations of sending e-mails. C-MailBox sends the data needed to compose a message (address of the sender and of the receiver, subject and text) to MailBox, which internally solves the complexity of composition and sending e-mails.
Thanks to the presence of the two MailBox and C-MailBox modules it is possible to implement different architectures of the product, from the "Stand Alone" one (where both modules are found in a single PC) to the "Distributed with dedicated server" one (where the Client C-MailBox are installed on the PCs along with Super-Flash applications, whereas MailBox is found on a dedicated PC).
Technical Card of M-Box 1.0
M-Box is un product which allows e-mails to be sent from a Super-Flash application.
  1. Open-ended: it is possible to make several Clients communicate with the MailBox module.
  2. Multi-platform: the C-MailBox module operates both in DOS, and in Windows.
  3. Extendable: Thanks to using Automa's SSMTP protocol, which is much simpler than the standard ones, it is possible to implement your own clients who communicate with MailBox.
  4. Safe: MailBox manages a queue of messages received from the clients and indicates entry of the messages in the transmission queue and the outcome of the transmission in a logger file.
  1. The maximum length of the message C-MailBox supplies to MailBox is 8 Kb
  2. C-MailBox does not manage enclosures
  3. The Client C-MailBox does not receive any messages, not even those which communicate the outcome of sending the e-mail
Minimum requirements
  1. Windows 98 Operating System
  2. Access to a mail server
  3. Availability of mail server account
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the section Download, contains
  1. SERVER: MailBox 2.0
  2. CLIENT: Driver C-MailBox 1.0
  3. APPLICATION: Super-Flash demo application
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