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Communication drivers
Communication drivers
Super-Flash offers numerous drivers for the most popular PLCs and for field buses connected through RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial communication networks, as well as, through Ethernet.
Apart from the native drivers and those developed in MicroC, there area also other specific products created to satisfy the most varied communication requirements.
These driver can be developed sotto forma of programs or driver MicroC or DLL. The licences of these products are normally supplied in Runtime version.
The Runtime drivers are perfectly compatible with both the licences, Runtime and Royalty-Free, of the SUPER-FLASH development system.
The Runtime licences of the optional drivers are supplied with USB protection or software activation code. It is also possible to activate the licence of an optional driver on a USB protection key of a Super-Flash Runtime licence.
Apart from a few exceptions, the Runtime versions of the driver licences are freely downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section. Once downloaded, they can be used to carry out the tests: in fact, they can operate for 15 minutes. This is a very useful performance as it lets you experiment the driver practically even before proceeding to purchase it.

For existing Super-Flash applications with Applicom cards or software or with Siemens HMI adapter, Automa has released a product to facilitate changing the communication driver: SHINYX.
SHINYX allows the automatic conversion of the database of the variables: by using SHINYX, replacement becomes almost automatic reducing the times and costs of the whole operation.

The optional drivers currently available are:
To obtain information on these products, please either contact Automa directly (telephone, e-mail sales@automa.it) or the area distributor.
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