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MODBUS 32Modbus32 is a MicroC driver which allows a Super-Flash application to manage reading and writing of Control Techniques 'Unidrive SP' 32-bit resources

The driver allows to manage multipoint communication with a maximum of 255 instruments for channel.
The advantages of Modbus32
Using the Modbus32 driver, a Super-Flash application is able to communicate with the Control Techniques "Unidrive SP" peripherals.
It is possible to purchase Modbus32 in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of Modbus32 1.0
Modbus32 is a MicroC driver which make Super-Flash applications able to manage reading and writing of Control Techniques 'Unidrive SP' 32-bit resources.
The main features of Modbus32 are:
  1. reading and writing of 32 bit resources as single or block variables
  2. management of idel time after error
  3. management of retries in case of error
  4. parameters adjustable by configuration
Minimum requirements
  1. Super-Flash 3.0 and following
  2. MicroC 1.6
Product contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the Download section, contains:
  1. PRODUCT: Modbus32 driver with source code
  2. MANUAL: Operating Manual in PDF format
  3. APPLICATION: Super-Flash demo application
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