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Modbus TCP/IP
ModBus TCP/IPModbus TCP/IP is a DLL driver allowing a Super-Flash application to interface with peripherals which implement the MODBUS Ethernet TCP/IP protocol and the MODBUS RTU protocol on serial RS232, RS422/485 and TTY/20mA current loop.

The MODBUS protocol is now one of largely recognised standards and, in its serial version, has one of the largest installed parks in the world, notwithstanding the advent of field buses and the emergence of new requirements linked to speed and contemporariness of transmission of the information. The recent definition of the standard on TCP/IP makes MODBUS particularly interesting, especially in automation architectures for dialogue between intelligent devices because, thanks to Ethernet, it makes communication fast and safe.
The advantages of Modbus TCP/IP
MODBUS is able to manage the master side of the communication both of the RTU protocol and of the TCP/IP one, by means of a single driver.
It offers the possibility of managing the MODBUS peripherals directly on the Ethernet network. This way the traditional spread of MODBUS with the typical speed of the Ethernet network are combined. Since the protocol is carried on IP, connection is also possible with geographically distributed peripherals.
It is possible to purchase Modbus TCP/IP in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of Modbus TCP/IP 2.2 SP1
The Modbus TCP/IP driver allows a Super-Flash application to interface with peripherals which implement the MODBUS protocol
  1. Open-ended: integration of the protocols MODBUS on TCP/IP Master and MODBUS RTU Master allows the user of communicate in modes diverse using the same driver.
  2. Configurable: it is possible to define a specific configuration for each MODBUS peripheral connected.
  3. Reliable: Modbus TCP/IP efficiently controls error situations in communication, in particular allowing the number of attempts to be defined and the inactivity time.
  4. Capacious: with the new version of the Modbus TCP/IP driver it is possible to carry out communication with several MODBUS peripherals at the same time, up to a maximum of 256 for each of the 100 channels available.
  5. Powerful: the driver is capable of carrying out multiple readings, single and multiple writing of resources of 1.16 and 32 bits and in Intel/Motorola format. It allows management of floating point resources with IEEE 754 o FFP (Motorola Fast Floating Point) format.
  1. The maximum number of communication channels managed is 100
  2. The current version of the driver does not implement the MODBUS ASCII protocol
Minimum requirements
  1. Windows 9X, NT4, 2000/XP Operating System
  2. WRunfile 3.2
Product contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section, contains:
  1. Modbus TCP/IP 2.2 SP1 Driver (DLL)
  2. Documentation: Operating Manual
  3. Super-Flash demo application
  4. Smartkey Drivers
  5. SHINYX conversion tool and related Operating Manual
Download Runtime Modbus TCP/IP Driver
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