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Supervisione LiberaSFFTP (Super-Flash File Transfer Protocol) is a Link Driver which allows a Super-Flash application to transfer files using FTP on TCP protocol.

I vantaggi di SFFTP
SFFTP was created to facilitate file transfer using the TCP network protocol.
Integration in Super-Flash is very simple and all the functions of the driver can be used by MicroC with which it is possible to create one's own advanced file management applications.
It is possible to purchase the driver in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application..
Technical card of SFFTP 1.0
SFFTP is a Link Driver which allows a Super-Flash application to transfer files using FTP on TCO protcol.
SFFTP allows to manage on FTP server :

  1. download and upload of files
  2. creation, renaming and deletion of directories
  3. renaming and deletion of files
  4. directories browsing
  5. checking the existence and size of a file
SFFTP has the following limits:

  1. handles a single connection to the FTP server
  2. Does not handle secure SFTP and FTPS (SSL / TLS) SSL connections
  3. Does not handle multiple simultaneous downloads/uploads
  4. Does not allow to restore interrupted downloads/uploads
  5. Iimplements the command to acquire the list of folders and files contained in a certain directory on the FTP server (GETLISTDIR command), returning the result in an alphanumeric variable whose limit is 256 characters
SFFTP requires the following skills for use:

  1. Use of Link Driver in Super-Flash
  2. Minimal knowledg of FTP protocol
Minimum requirements
The minimum requirements for using SFFTP are:

  1. WRUNFILE 4.0
  2. Windows 2000/XP Operating systems
  3. Access to an FTP server
  4. Availability of an FTP server
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section, contains:
  1. SFFTP 1.0 driver
  2. Documentation: Operating Manual
  3. Super-Flash demo application
  4. Smartkey Drivers
Download Diretto Driver SFFTP RUNTIME
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