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Supervisione LiberaSendSMS is a MicroC driver which allows a Super-Flash application to send SMSs by means of a GSM modem.

Using SENDSMS, it is possible to send an SMS over the RS232 serial, to which a GSM modem is connected from a Super-Flash application (WRunfile or Runfile). The will therefore be processed and sent to the GSM network, which will make it available on the receiver's mobile phone.


To get further information on SendSMS, the Product Profile can be downloaded.
The advantages of SendSMS
Thanks to a SendSMS un plant managed with Super-Flash is able to send SMS on its state of operation.
It is possible to purchase SendSMS in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of SendSMS 1.0 HF1
SendSMS is a MicroC driver which allows a Super-Flash application to send SMSs.
  1. Multi-platform: SendSMS is not restricted to any Operating System.
  2. Safe: the driver manages a queue of messages to be sent and a number of retries which can be set in the case of errors.
  3. Historical: SendSMS records all the transmission information of the various SMSs in a logger file.
  1. SendSMS does not manage receipt of SMS messages, not even the "return receipt"
  2. The product manages the queue of SMS messages to be sent just on a single communication channel
  3. On exit from the application during execution, SendSMS loses all the messages in the queue
Minimum requirements
  1. MicroC 1.6
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the section Download, contains:
  1. PRODUCT: Driver SendSMS complete with sources
  2. DOCUMENTATION: Operating Manual in PDF format
  3. APPLICATION: Super-Flash demo application
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