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Supervisione LiberaThe communication among the different levels of information systems is nowadays a widespread requirement and strongly felt in all industrial sectors.
The first step towards efficient integration is to make the software on-board the machine able to exchange the information useful for MES applications with the database.
Automa makes SmartDB available to its customers, a product which allows a Super-Flash application to access a database to write and read data.
One of the top strong points of the product is its ability to exchange information with 80% of the databases present on the market, as it follows the ODBC and OLE DB standard (which supports the two most common interfaces towards the database: ODBC driver and OLE DB provider) and allows execution of SQL commands.

Schema SmartDB

To get further information on SmartDB, the Product Profile can be downloaded.
The advantages of SmartDB
Thanks to use of the ODBC and OLE DB standard technology, SmartDB allows Super-Flash to exchange information with 80% of the databases presents on the market.
It is possible to purchase SmartDB in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of SmartDB 1.1 SP1 HF1
Product which allows access, in reading and writing, to the data of a database from a Super-Flash application. It makes a series of functions available (which can be used by means of MicroC) divided into: initialisation, connection, control, recordset, conversion and information.
  1. Simple: SmartDB makes a layer of reasoned, simplified and problem-oriented functions available: it was thought up to prevent having to force the programmer to go too deep into the underlying technologies
  2. Powerful: local or remote, multiple, synchronous and asynchronous connections; execution of SQL programs; direct manipulation from MicroC of the Database accessing functions
  3. Flexible: combination with a procedural language like MicroC; availability of an engine multitasking, and easy interaction with all the resources of the application (variables, alarms trend, recipes, etc.) allow even the most complex problems to be faced efficiently
  1. it is only possible to connect to Databases which have an OLE DB provider or an ODBC driver, typically made available by the Database manufacturer or directly from Microsoft
  2. it does not manage error indication if asynchronous operations of asynchronous type are used (connection, control and recordset)
  3. it does not manage stored procedures with output parameters
  4. it does not manage the return value of the stored procedure
  1. a minimum of theoretical knowledge about Databases
  2. a minimum of knowledge about the Databases used
  3. a minimum of knowledge about the Database provider for composing the connection
  4. knowledge of the SQL language for composing the commands
  5. fair knowledge of the MicroC programming language
Minimum requirements
  1. Windows 2000/XP Operating Systems with ADO and OLE DB support
  2. Client for access to the Database (for Microsoft SQL Server integrated in the Operating System)
  3. Super-Flash version 3.9 and later. It is necessary to use Super-Flash version 4.2 and later to manage UNICODE strings.
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section, contains:
  1. SmartDB 1.1 SP1 HF1 Product (DLL)
  2. Documentation: User Manual
  3. Super-Flash demo application
  4. Smartkey Drivers
Download Demo SmartDB
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