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Super-Flash OPC Client
Super-Flash OPC ClientSuper-Flash OPC Client is a communication Driver which allows connection of the WRUNFILE engine of Super-Flash to peripherals which supply an OPC Server, conforming to the specifications 2.0.

The OPC technology (OLE for Process Control), based on Microsoft's OLE, allows you to put applications and peripherals into connection so as to reduce the efforts dedicated to development of ever-new communication Drivers. Thanks to use of the DLL technology, Automa's OPC CLIENT is able to work starting from version 3.2 of Super-Flash.

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The advantages of Super-Flash OPC Client
Using Super-Flash OPC Client is definitely simpler, especially in the configuration stage where the software makes use of the browser of the items supplied by the OPC Servers it is connected to.
Thanks to use of OPC standard technology, Super-Flash OPC Client allows Super-Flash to communicate with wide park of peripherals made by different companies and in various models.
It is possible to purchase Super-Flash OPC Client in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical Card of Super-Flash OPC Client 1.3 SP1
Communication Driver for Super-Flash which allows connection of Super-Flash WRunfile to peripherals which supply an OPC Server
  1. Capacious: Super-Flash OPC Client manages resources of Bit, Byte, Word, Double Word, Float, Double and String type in reading/writing.
  2. Powerful: the driver puts no limits on the number of items which can be managed on the peripherals.
  3. Multi-architecture: the connection between Super-Flash OPC Client and the OPC server can be local (Client and Server on the same PC) or remote (Client and Server on different PCs connected to TCP/IP).
  4. Certified: Super-Flash OPC Client has been tested with numerous OPC Servers, both made by Automa and by other companies.
  1. The updating speed of the variables depends on the server settings and on the number of data the latter has to manage
  2. It is not possible to write a single element of un array; to be able to carry out this operation, it is necessary to define an item as a single object
Minimum requirements
  1. Windows 2000/XP Operating Systems
  2. Royalty-Free Licence: WRunfile 3.2
    Runtime Licence: WRunfile3.2 for applications generated with Super-Flash Royalty-Free; WRunfile 3.3 for applications generated with Super-Flash Runtime and with a hardware type of protection key; WRunfile 3.8 for applications generated with Super-Flash Runtime and a software type of protection key
  3. OPC Server conforming to OPC 2.0 specifications
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section, contains:
  1. Super-Flash OPC Client 1.3 SP1 Driver
  2. Documentation: Operating Manual
Download Runtime Super-Flash OPC Client Driver
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