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Super-Flash OPC-UAC
Super-Flash OPC-UACSuper-Flash OPC-UAC is a communication driver which allows connection of the WRunfile engine of Super-Flash with OPC UA servers.

By means of the configuration tools it is possible to browse the servers and the elements available on the network and make them visible for the archive of Super-Flash variables.

OPC UA is the interoperability standard for secure and reliable data exchange in the industrial automation and other sectors. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information between devices from multiple vendors.
The advantages of Super-Flash OPC-UAC
The use of Super-Flash OPC-UAC is definitely simpler, especially in the configuration phase where the software allows browsing of the items supplied by the OPC Servers connected in the network.
Thanks to use of the standard OPC technology, Super-Flash OPC-UAC allows Super-Flash to communicate with a wide range of peripherals of different companies and in various models.
It is possible to purchase the driver in Runtime version; the license can be used for a single application.
Technical card of Super-Flash OPC-UAC 1.0 SP1
Communication driver which allows connection of Super-Flash Wrunfile with OPC-UA servers.
Super-Flash OPC-UA supports:
  1. connections to an unlimited number of OPC UA servers
  2. discovery server on host
  3. connection mode:
    1. Transport: UA-TCP UA-SC UA-Binary
    2. Security policy: None, Basic256, Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep, Basic256Sha256, Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
    3. User Token: Anonymous
    4. Management of self-signed certificates
  4. reading and writing of the following data types:
    1. Boolean in single and array mode (*)
    2. Byte e SByte in single and array mode (*)
    3. UInt16 e Int16 in single and array mode (*)
    4. UInt32 e Int32 in single and array mode (*)
    5. Float in single and array mode (*)
    6. Double in single and array mode (*)
    7. String in single mode
    8. ByteString in single mode
  5. reading of optional information:
    1. data quality
    2. server timestamp
    3. source timestamp
  6. write management in "SafeWrite" mode
  7. monitor of value changes (DataChange Subscriber)

(*) only one dimension arrays
Compared to the basic functions, the following limits are noted for Super-Flash OPC-UAC:
  • It does not support the following data types:
    • Int64
    • UInt64
    • DateTime
    • Guid
    • XmlElement
    • NodeId
    • ExpandedNodeId
    • StatusCode
    • QualifiedName
    • LocalizedText
    • ExtensionObject
    • DataValue
    • Variant
    • DiagnosticInfo
    • Number
    • Integer
    • UInteger
    • Enumeration
  • Array values: it does not implement the IndexRange mode for partial writing (ref. use of derived phisical variables)
  • Array values: only one dimension arrays are supported.
  • Array values: the index of the first processed element is 0.
  • ByteString and String resources are supported in single mode only.
  • User Token: USERNAME (username/password), CERTIFICATE (X.509 v3 Certificate) and ISSUEDTOKEN (token issued by an Authorization Service) types are not supported.
Super-Flash OPC-UAC requires the following skills for use:
  • minimal knowledge of Ethernet TCP/IP communications
  • minimal knowledge of OPC UA technology
  • minimal knowledge of certificate management
Minimum requirements
The minimum requirements for using Super-Flash OPC-UAC are:
  1. Windows 7 Operating System
  2. Super-Flash WRunfile 4.1
  3. OPC UA Server conforming to OPC UA 1.04 specifications
Warning! Operating Systems prior to Windows 10 are currently no longer fully supported by Microsoft, we therefore reccomend this configuration:
  1. Windows 10 Operating System
  2. Super-Flash WRunfile 4.6
Product Contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the FreeDownload section, contains:
  1. Super-Flash OPC-UAC 1.0 SP1 driver (DLL)
  2. Documentation: Operating Manual
  3. Super-Flash demo application
  4. Smartkey Drivers
Download Diretto Driver SFOPC-UAC RUNTIME
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