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TPX-DB: automatic publication of trend data on DB
TPX-DB - Pubblicazione dati Trend TPX-DB is a software able to publish, on a local or remote Database, the trend data recorded by several Super-Flash applications, publishing them (via ODBC-OLEDB) on a single Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Database.
It does not require any modification to the existing Super-Flash applications.
TPX-DB works in complete autonomy.

TPX-DB can be hosted on the same machine as one of the Super-Flash applications which record the trends, or on another machine on the network.
Being able to manage access to network paths, its physical positioning can be decided on the basis of the characteristics of one's own architecture and the performance of the available machines.

The Database can also be located anywhere on the network or in the cloud, as long as it is accessible. This allows for considerable flexibility in the use of TPX-DB.

TPX-DB is a valuable tool for your Industry 4.0 interconnection projects.

The software manages the continuous publication on Database of the data present in the trend archive of each configured application; the data publication activity is carried out at a time interval.
The maximum number of external applications to manage is fixed at 10.
A maximum of 100 curves can be exported for each application.

TPX-DB uses SmartDB as a tool for accessing the Database.
Figura 1
Figura 1:Cruscotto
Figura 2
Figura. 2: Configurazione
The TPX-DB software, realized by Automa, is an application that offers the following functionalities:
  • Dashboard: for each application, information about the publication work is provided (Figure 1)
  • Configuration: for each enabled application, the following configuration parameters are required (Figure 2)
    • label to identify the application
    • fields identifying the plant publishing the data
    • path and directory where the trends to be exported are recorded
    • file with the codes of the curves to be exported
    • export start date
    • interval
    • icon
    • database type
    • database inactivity time
    • logger level

TPX-DB is a software product made with Super-Flash.

It is available both in Runtime version, with protection license, and in Royalty-Free version with the complete and editable project.
The SmartDB Runtime license is always required.

Automa is able to customise the driver for the reading of TPX-DB trend data to allow the product to be used also by those who do not have Super-Flash. applications.

For further information please contact our sales staff directly on + or via e-mail at sales@automa.it.
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