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Supervisione LiberaTo function, the applications made with Super-Flash do not need special protection keys. One can also say in another way, that the applications made using Super-Flash are not protected: the end user can copy the programs freely and use them again. Unfortunately in the software field the phenomenon of theft, or copying, and often even reselling is very widespread. Where this causes serious problems for those making software packages, it causes even more to those supplying a complete plant. Strategic information regarding some specific plant solutions are often concentrated in supervision software for concentrate information. Whereas some years ago the know-how regarding a process control was concentrated in the hardware solutions, nowadays with standardisation of the control CPU (PLC), the know-how ends up to a large extent in the control and management software. Making an illegal copy becomes particularly simple in the case of machine control when the machine manufacturer is not the same as the supplier of the electrical and automation part. Since a machine is much easier to replicate than a plant, the manufacturer (or the End Customer) can copy hardware and software easily to bypass the supplier who has developed the control system. It is therefore important for there to be the possibility, for the programmer who develops applications with Super-Flash, to adequately protect their work. PROTECT is a product specifically studied for protection of applications made using Super-Flash.
The advantages of PROTECT
It allows you to protect your own work easily, and adequately, avoiding unauthorised use of the applications made with Super-Flash Royalty-Free.
For those who purchase Super-Flash Royalty-Free, the PROTECT product is already included in the package supplied. The protection keys are supplied at competitive prices according to quantity.
Technical Card of PROTECT 2.1 SP2
PROTECT is a product specifically studied for protection of applications made using Super-Flash Royalty-Free. It binds operation of the application to the presence of a protection device
  1. Simple: it is able to recognise the type of key inserted automatically, and to manage an archive of the activated protections
  2. Safe: using a hardware key with cryptography with 128 bits allows considerable safety. The protection code is activated directly by the user of PROTECT and only works on keys appropriately pre-programmed by Automa
  3. Intelligent: the reliability of the hardware keys is very high. Notwithstanding this, a key can be become faulty. PROTECT allows a number of days during which the application will continue to operate even without the key or with the faulty key to be defined, signalling the anomaly. This allows enough time to obtain another key without the risk of keeping the application out of use
Minimum requirements
The product is so simple that it does not require the PC where it is to be installed to have any particular characteristics.
Product contents
The package supplied, available on CD or downloadable from this site in the Download section, contains:
  1. Protect 2.1 SP2 Product (DOS and Windows)
  2. Documentation: Operating Manual
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