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Communication Tools
Communication Tools
The products in the Communication Tools line were conceived to satisfy the need to rapidly fit your own software applications with the capability of communicating reliably with physical (field) devices and towards supervision and human/machine interfacing (SCADA/HMI) applications.

The products in the Communication Tools line are aimed at all those companies who develop software applications internally, either themselves or for third parties, in Visual Basic or Visual C++ and which need to communicate with physical field devices or with other supervisors or HMI applications.

The advantages for programmers lie in the possibility of easily providing their own applications with highly reliable communication capability.

The drivers in the Communication Tools line are sold under licence. The licence is valid for only one instance of each application made.

In order to operate, some drivers may require a hardware key or a software activation code.

Driver for communication with B&R Controller via PVI Interface
ModBus TCP/IP - M
Driver ModBus TCP/IP, master side
Driver for OMRON PLCs
OPC Client
Driver OPC Client - with configurator and OPC server browser
S7 200
Driver for S7 200
S7 HMI adapter
Driver for S7 HMI adapter and compatible
Driver for PLC SAIA S-Bus, Data Mode, on Ethernet (UDP)
SIEETH (Smart and Full)

The products in the Communication Tools line are also available on the Component Source platform at the page "Automa - Products"

(1) Requires possession of a Vendor ID issued by Allen-Bradley

The Communication Tools line is in the preparatory stage. For an updated list of the drivers and the date of effective availability, please ask Automa directly (telephone, e-mail sales@automa.it) or the area distributor.
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