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Since it was set up, Automa has been producing and offering its own software products.

To improve its service to customers, for about ten years, it also supplies hardware devices, mainly relative to industrial communication.

These are devices which Automa has selected very carefully, and which it fully supports from the technical point of view, with the aim of offering its customers a complete service both for the hardware and software, putting itself forward as the person responsible and sole interlocutor in the case of any problems or need for assistance.

Applicom schede interne Applicom Internal Cards for PC/Fieldbus communication

Applicom external USB Gateways for PC/Fieldbus communication

Applicom Software Solutions for PC/Fieldbus communication
Arbor Panel PC TOKIN-6083 TOKIN-6123 TOKIN-6153
Atop Electronic devices for TCP/IP networking solutions SE5001 EH-2006 AD1024-24F
Erco&Gener GSM-GPRS and GPRS-GPS Modems for industrial automation applications GenBlue GenIP20i GenPro30e
Hilscher Ethernet Gateway for PC-MPI communication NetLink 50 NetLink 50 guida DIN  
Helmoholz Devices for PC-MPI communication 700-751-9VK21    
Marcom Optical probe to use with all types of meters KMK111-232 KMK116-USB  
PATLITE LED Signal towers and acustic alarms WDR-LE-Z2 WDT-6M-Z2 Signal Tower
TIBBO Serial-Ethernet programmable converters DS1004 DS1206  

For further information about hardware devices, please download the Brochure.

Apart from the products illustrated in this section, Automa also deals in other devices which are part of the following categories:
  • Industrial Switches
  • Wi-Fi radio systems
  • I/O over Ethernet

To obtain information on these devices, please either contact Automa directly (telephone +39, e-mail sales@automa.it) or the area distributor.
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